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Django Mango &Shakana Moon By Marco

Django Mango is a drummer and an extraordinary linguist who speaks 12 languages, and has a natural gift with people, which eases communication with the natives.

Shakana Moon, a French-Lebanese is a multi-creative artist and linguist who has been working with Django for the last 15 years as Director of Photography.  He studied Fine Arts in Paris, and exhibited his photography in several countries. He is a direct student of Drunvalo Melchizedek in Merkaba meditation, and is now a Master Guide, conducting meditation workshops regularly in Bali Indonesia, Lebanon, India and Russia. As a healer, he also uses Crystal Bowls and Tibetan Singing Bowls in his meditation sessions.

Moon also devotes his times to making exquisite jewelry, painting and studying martial arts to create a new dance form. He is a warrior who lives out his dreams

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Arden Court - 2012

Arden Court – 2012


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