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The drum is the vehicle that takes us, in trance, to the invisible world where fly the spirits that reveal us truths when we are awakened in the silence of the night, and when we sleep, in dreams.

Put a small boy or girl in a room with 40 different musical instruments and he or she will go straight to the drum. Why? because the heartbeat of our first love- our mothers, is the first rhythm we have heard when we were in the womb.

Our heart is the inner drum. When it gives the last beat; the El Pregonero of the last truth announces to us that the curtain, in the Great Theatre of the World, comes down, to enter the world of shadows and silence.

 Life is the most fantastic comedy and those who amuses themselves the most, are the ones whom have courage to dance at the rhythm of their heart in the scene.

The drum is the medicine of the soul that helps us to stop thinking. Only, by controlling our thoughts, would we have clarity of the mind and come near the illusion of freedom.

The drum is the voice of the fiesta, sings happiness and makes us feel young, because it awakes up the little boy or girl that sleeps in our heart. It seems childlike and simple but is in extreme complex because with the minimum possibilities, the drummer has to do the maximum.

The drum is a circle like everything which is benign; the eyes, the brain, the ovule, the atoms and the galaxies are spheres.

Its round shape suggests dynamism, as the bicycle, and that is only possible to keep your balance when you move.

There are many drummers who are not shamans, but there is no shaman without a drum.

Django Mango



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